First, I want to say thank you for reading this!  I was born, raised and live in the wine country of Northern California with my Irish born husband and our beautiful little angel.

I am a full figured woman who has exercised her whole life, except for running. I would water ski until I got blisters on my hands- I can Spin with the best of them in Spin class, but running? I always thought running isn’t for heavier people.  I was embarrassed to get out there and run- afraid of what people might think or even worse might say.  But, I have found runners to be the most accepting, supportive people I have ever “run” across (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)!

Also, to be brutally honest and that is what this blog is about.. things heavier runners encounter.. I have had to find many solutions to different injuries over this last year.  I have learned so much about my body since starting this journey.  If you have encountered an issue, the chances I have too, and hopefully I wrote about it and if I found a solution!  If you have also, please share it with me as well.

Update:  I am now in law school and trying to manage school and hopefully some running again.


1 thought on “ABOUT”

  1. runnermlf said:

    Everyone is a runner deep inside. EVERYONE.

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