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I am now in my third year of law school and I have found my path. I want to be a prosecutor.  I feel so alive and passionate about the work and I have never felt that excitement for a career, ever.

Professionally, I have grown with each step. It’s exciting to see the doors that are opening.  However, personally I am struggling.  I struggle with feeling alone now.  I don’t really have anyone to share anything with. People in my life are just not excited about the law like I am. I can’t blame them. I try to share my excitement, but no one really wants to hear it. I am boring to them now. They’re happy for me as long as I don’t interject too much of my reality into their lives. I can’t help it. It’s what I am passionate about at the moment and I want to share with someone.  My best friend who used to talk to me about everything disappeared. The more success I find professionally the less I see or hear from my friends.

I need to power through to other side and make new friends. It just makes me sad and has been a little hard on me. I thought it might help to write about my feelings.