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It must be a year since I last updated?  I was reading back on my last post and I had forgotten some of the specifics of my first exam.  It was fun to read back what I was feeling inspiring me to update my journey.

I am now successfully in my second year of law school!  I still love it.  I was disappointed in one of my classes – Torts.  Man, I studied my ass off for the class.  I slacked a little on my contracts and criminal procedure studying in order to give myself more time for torts.  What happened?  I passed criminal procedure with my highest grade to date, and contracts I passed.  Contracts is a pretty hard subject for most in law school anyways, but I knew I would pass it.  I probably should have focused harder on the two subjects I was better at and aim for a higher grade and just focus on a pass with torts.  The extra time I put in for torts didn’t improve my final grade at all.  What a bummer.  I cried for two days.

After meeting with the Professor and discussing my paper I came to terms with it.  I don’t agree completely with the grade, but I do admit it was better organized in my head than how it actually came out on the paper.  I passed.  I have this semester to aim higher.

I have been saying since I started law school I don’t want to do criminal law.  I am too sensitive for it, yet criminal law and criminal procedure are now my top scores.  My second job deals with juvenile offenders, and I seriously try in my short time I am with them to get through as best I can and hope to steer a few away from a troubled path.  This opportunity is branching out and I will be taking on more hours working in two probation departments now.  I am not saying where I won’t end up now … I just need to wait and see where it takes me.

Immigration law might be a good compromise for me.  It’s a mix of some criminal law and constitutional law.  I always loved anything to do with our constitution since the 8th grade and I had to memorize the preamble (which I still have memorized – my party trick).  We’ll see.

I have signed up for another 5k finally!  I am running the 5k that began this journey for me.  I have managed to lose 20 lbs with a lot of walking in between work and classes.  I think I am beginning to find a balance! To be continued …