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Finals are done!  I think I did OK.  I felt good when I left my criminal law exam, until I started listening to my classmates.  I found everyone after the exam began second guessing, and picking the exam apart.  Where at one point I was almost skipping out of the exam thinking I handled it much better than I anticipated–to questioning my choices, and realizing I had forgotten to mention the “apparent safety doctrine.”

One hour is not a lot of time to have for complete analysis of a hypothetical scenario.  I kept remembering what a few attorney’s at work advised me, “don’t spend too much time on one essay.  Allow “x” amount of time and when it’s up…move on.”  I knew that not completing the test was far worse than missing a few items.  I didn’t miss any major issues, and I did manage to define almost every single definition, and finish with a few minutes to spare.

I keep telling myself that a model answer is just that.. the ideal answer almost perfect.  I wish to reach that level.  But, it was my first test and in all honesty I think I did about 75% of the model answer.  At least I hope I argued my view of the crime sufficiently if it differs from his.  He said it doesn’t matter if we disagree with him, as long as we recognize the issue and argue our point of view.  I have to wait now two weeks for the results.  Ughhh!!!  I wish I hadn’t listened to the others.  I know now why I like to be alone.  I don’t need any negative energy in my head.  I feel confident about what I am doing.  I studied like I was supposed to.  I need to trust that.  I do.  I am starting a first time juvenile offender mediation program this week.  I am excited about trying to make a difference in kids who are at a fork in the road, and hope to help somehow keep them from choosing a path that leads to the criminal justice system.

I have to socialize with others, because its impolite not to.  But, I really don’t want to.  I wish my class was larger so I could just do my own thing and not have to bother being social with anyone.

I started back doing light jogs.  I am averaging about 6 miles a week.  Nothing major.  But, I have to say my head does feel clearer and emotionally I am stronger when I exercise.  I think emotionally I am just trying to transition everything and manage it.  I have a light load this summer and hope I am able to keep up the running a bit more.