I am totally procrastinating doing my homework right now.  I decided to give my brain something different to write about and update my blog!  School is going great.  Sure, it’s hard work.  But,it doesn’t really feel like work to me.  I am enjoying it.  Even when my mind feels like pudding and I don’t think I can remember one more thing- I still love it.

I found that I particularly like Criminal Law at the moment.  I think everyone does at some point.  It seems to epitomize what we are conditioned to think of when someone says the word Lawyer.  I didn’t think I would enjoy it as I am a highly sensitive person.  I have trouble dealing with the dark side of life that exists.  The weird thing is I can handle hearing about murder and the circumstances surrounding the crime.  I can handle rape; we  finished that topic before spring break.  I can handle most things associated with criminal law, as long as none of it involves children.  I can’t do it.

I think my criminal law professor is a legal rock star.  He completely gets it when I told him how hard it is for me to read the cases assigned involving terrible crimes against children in our homicide chapters.  It seems many of them involve children in at least one example of everything we cover.  I realize now its by design.  Children are supposed to be our jewels and protected.  It emotionally causes many people to act from a place of passion.  I have to try and see beyond the emotional rage or sadness and see the reasoning of why the law was applied the way it was.  I don’t always agree.  But, many of the cases we read are really hard to call cases and not of the norm.  But, it teaches us to see the reasoning of the case law that proceeded before it and how the legal rule applies.

Our legal system is really quite fascinating and wonderful.  Even though sometimes the bad guy gets away.

What I was getting at before I digressed… my professor let me skip one of the horrible ones.  He took over my brief and discussed it without me having to go”there”.  He is very respectful and told me basically there is no shortage of calloused attorney’s in the word, and I can take my time trying to get through some of those.  He also has given me a gift of seeing things in a different perspective.  He can explain things in a way that is completely mesmerizing.  He has a way of helping me see that sometimes good people do bad things.  It’s better to not falsely imprison one innocent man if it means letting a few bad ones go.  I get it.  I do.

I love all the professors I have.  I think they’re all super talented teachers and I am getting the education I was hoping for.

I try really hard.  I honestly make a tremendous effort to be the best student I can be.  I know I am putting the time and effort in.  I don’t want to be a half assed attorney.  I want to be a great attorney.  I am trying to take everything in.  It doesn’t guarantee I will test well on the final.  However, It won’t be because I wasn’t prepared.

I hope I can break all my issues and rules down to the level they need to be dissected and explained on the hypothetical.  However, in knowing that- I don’t think I will let that happen.

I have always wanted to be top of my class in anything I have pursued.  If I speak up too much people view you as a pain in the ass.  But, I have always been pretty self assured and trust my inner compass.  It’s my education.  I can’t worry what others think of me.  I am respectful and mindful to not take away a learning opportunity from anyone else.  I know the balance.  However, I also know if I am not sure of something I need to ask.  I want to be good not average. I have found I don’t really want to study with anyone.  I am happier studying alone. So, that is the update if anyone was wondering.  If not, no worries writing is so therapeutic.  I definitely do this more for me anyways.  🙂

I will post again after finals.  I am already looking forward to next semester!