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I have been M.I.A. from my blog for 7 months my stats tell me.  I haven’t been running except the odd mile or two once in a while.  It’s so bizarre, because at one time I was so passionate and happy to doing it.  I admit I was in the best shape I had been in a while, but it lost its loving feeling for me, unfortunately.  However, I do give running credit for motivating me and quite honestly giving me the confidence to go back to school.  I even used finishing my two half marathons in my personal statement when I applied to law school.

Training and finishing the two half marathons in 2014 taught me how to power through mentally.  When I took on the goal of completing a half marathon it was completely foreign and totally out of my comfort zone.  I can honestly say it was never something I thought I’d hear myself say out loud, “I just signed up for a half marathon!”  Going to law school was. I have always wanted to be a Lawyer.

Everything happens in the way it’s supposed to I reckon.  I needed to know what it feels like to not quit.  I had to show myself I do know how to cross a finish line.  I didn’t finish the half marathons in an impressive time, but I finished, and that was the lesson I needed.  To know how it feels when something is hard, and challenging in ways I would never expect, yet the rewarding life lesson that I can do it.  The half marathon was my training for law school, and now law school will be my 26.2!  I start Tuesday.  I know its going to have its own challenges and at times I will have to power through, but I will remember to breath and keep my eye on the finish line; this is my marathon.