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I set my first goal in about a year.  I signed up a for a 10K in Dublin, Ireland next month.  What’s funny is when I started this blog 2 years ago my goal was to run the London 10k.  This is close! Funny how when you put something out into the Universe it seems to come to realization.  It might not be right away, but many times I can trace back to the exact moment I visualized it.  My next visualization is Law School graduation in 4 years….  We’ll revisit that.. ha ha..

After a year of trying to heal my foot.. I FINALLY feel like its better.  After the second cortisone shot with stretching and massaging the foot with a golf ball that seemed to do the trick.

The podiatrist gave me the green light to run again, and I am taking it very slow building the feet endurance back up.  This week I am running 2 miles at a time 3x with a bit of cross training mixed in.  This mornings 2 miles felt good.  No lingering foot pain afterwards.  If everything keeps up as it’s been going I am not worried about being ready for the 10k next month.  I will be up to it.

I am looking forward to a new race in a different country to keep things exciting.  It’s a chip timed race which I love. But- it didn’t ask for a shirt size.  I am assuming there isn’t a shirt involved which is a bummer.  Anyways, the race is the Duleek 10k just outside of Dublin, Ireland.  I can’t wait for my trip!