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I haven’t written lately, as I have been dealing with a really painful case of plantar fasciitis- even a cortisone shot hasn’t healed me enough to resume running.

I have missed having a goal.  I miss the structure of a training plan and having something to work for.  I have never thought about cycling, not really.  I have cycled in the sense of adding it to my cross training.  I would take out my husbands second hand mountain bike and ride 9-10 miles.  It felt heavy and after about 9-10 miles I was done.  In reality it probably wasn’t the best for road riding, in which that was what I was doing!  But, it served it’s purpose.

About a week ago I got the idea.. why don’t I sign up for a bike event?   A beginner event with low mileage- I found an event that has a 35 mile, 62 mile or 100 mile choice.  I could start with the 35 mile ride as something to work towards.  But, first I need a bike.

Ok, here again, I have never researched bikes or what I need.  I asked around and was told by a few people who have much more experience (and actually know what they’re talking about) that I should get an entry level hybrid bike.  OK, sounds good!  Now, where do I go…?

I began looking on Craigslist for used bikes.  I know that I want decent bike.  I want something respectable, but I also don’t want to break the bank and buy something completely out of my league for a hobby I just decided to undertake.  If I could get something in between?

I was lucky! I got a little better than just in between.. better than I ever expected to be available to me.  I ended up getting a Marin Fairfax SC5 hybrid bike, she’s a 2014 model, but brand new.  I love her!  She rides so smooth, and fast!  Wow, what a difference a nice bike makes!  She retails for about $1200.00 at the Marin Bikes Factory Outlet store in San Francisco.  But, they were offering 20% off, also- and that was for a 2015 model.  A 2014 can probably be found for even less than that.  Marin Bikes has a solid history and is owned and run by bike enthusiast’s .  They know what they’re doing!  I also live in the area and want to always keep it local-which is not hard with a bike that has such a solid reputation world wide.

I am so excited to get started on this new adventure.  I have a lot to learn about my bike and how to take care of her.  It’s really the first nice thing I’ve ever invested in outside of my cars for myself.  I can honestly say I don’t think I have bought myself anything at this level before.  It’s not like it’s terribly expensive, but I have always had bikes purchased from K-mart, or Costco, etc.  I was fine riding anything we had laying around.  This is different.

I am excited to have a new goal, and something new to learn about.  I am excited because I actually think I will be better at this than running.  It’s less torture on my body.  Running just beat the shit out of me, and I was always fighting some sort of injury.  I feel like its too violent on my body.  I still love it.  And, I actually would like to come back to it.  But, I have to heal, and that is going to take a lot of time.  I joke with my husband and say, “I wanted to get fit, and do something that was healthy and good for me.  Since I started running I have never had so many problems with my health as I do NOW.. how ironic is that?”

I have that enthusiasm back for something, and am excited to take on my new challenge.  I will post a picture of my new beloved.  I haven’t named her, yet.  I joke she is my 3rd daughter!