After 5 months of pain from Plantar Fasciitis I opted for a cortisone shot.   I have to say, so far– I am glad I did it.  I, of course, know I am not off the hook and need to continue my physical therapy of stretching, ice, massage, taping helps, orthotics for my shoes (Green Superfeet work great for me) to heal properly.  But, the pain was so excruciating and none of those things seem to be helping me heal.

Also, I need to work harder on my diet.  I have to lose weight.  I do good for a few days, and then I totally blow it a day or two and then go back.  I am not going to make progress if I don’t get as serious about my diet as I have with my exercising.

I have researched healthy snack ideas and planned things for the week.  I have cute containers to portion control and have found some recipes to make treats without flour, sugar, etc.  My favorite one I tried this weekend was Quick Oatmeal banana cookies!

I used two very ripe bananas, about a cup (I eyeball measure) of quick oatmeal oats, and raisins (You can add some dark chocolate chips, or nuts, also).  That’s IT.  Mash it all together (don’t use too many additions or I read the oatmeal wont stick together as well).  Also, grease (I use pam non-stick spray) your cookie pan well so nothing sticks -that could be a nightmare.  Here is the link of of the recipe for any other ideas or questions  .  I baked them at 350 degrees for 15 minutes like they said.  They were so yummy warm!  It was like eating an energy bar.  They didn’t last more than 20 minutes in my house.  My little one kept asking if she could have another.  I said sure, there is nothing in them that isn’t healthy for her.  She can have as many as she wants.  My husband loved them and kept going back for another.  I loved them.  They smell great, too.

So, I am trying.  I have lost 5 pounds only so far.. it should be more if I was more successful keeping the food out of my mouth.  It’s the hardest thing ever!  I know what I have to do.  I have done it in the past more than once.  It’s just doing IT !!

Today is a new day, and I can make it a good day.  Hope you do too!