I was so excited to start my program.  Unfortunately,  I got a little bad news.  Nothing too critical,  but it’s deflated my sail a bit.  I thought I was finally debt free… It was such a weight off my mind, shoulders, etc.  I found out I actually have 2 more months of payments I had no idea about.  Another two months of struggling…another two months of the stress it took to manage every month that I finally thought was gone!  Urghhhh!

It’s not earth shattering,  but I don’t feel much of anything right now.. Just kind of numb.  Then on top of it I realize what idiots I deal with when they plop petty bullshit in my lap without any sensitivity to my feelings.  So,  many I think are friends… Are not friends at all.  Instead of support they’re the type that will correct your grammar or spelling in my post.  Or,  others I have supported – – don’t even ask how I am.

At the end of the day I don’t lose sleep over it.  I am used to being strong and have learned to only count on myself. I will bounce back in a week or so and get started again, after I give myself a little time out.  Because right now…I don’t give a fiddlers fuck.