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2015 Runner's Calendar

This week was the first week I started taking steps towards the San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon.  I began using my fitness pal app again, and tracking my food more seriously.  I am really taking it slow in the running department choosing to focus on losing weight before my scheduled training plan takes effect. I am keeping my runs to 1-2 miles at the moment 3-4 times a week, with cross training.

I know losing weight is going to ease my knees and injuries.  I really want to get into some really decent shape to give this 2nd half marathon a real go.  I have 6 weeks to drop some weight and gradually get into better condition without pushing my body too fast, before my training plan calls for scheduled mileage increases.

I started with a chiropractor to adjust my knees, feet and hips.  He adjusted me today.  Who knew ones feet could be adjusted?  They did!  He felt on the bottom of my feet (where I am complaining of Plantar fasciitis).. my feet popped into some alignment!  Then he adjusted my knees and hips.  I am returning a few times a week as I am gradually easing back into my running and he will adjust me accordingly.  He is also applying Kinesiology Tape to my knees friday to show me some different techniques I can try.  I figure this is a better step in the direction of being pro-active than taking Rx strength Aleve, as my M.D. suggested.  I am on a mission to try and cure this, not mask it.  I absolutely have no problem thinking outside the box.

I also have my beautiful new Runner’s Calendar for 2015.  It’s hilarious how excited I am with a calendar, but I have always wanted one.  It has races all over the world on different dates listed,  with July 26th listing my sweet SF Marathon, which I blew up in the photo. It made their list! Also listing tips to prevent injury, exercises, motivation quotes, and of course beautiful destination pictures of places to run.

I love having a goal.  It really is something I now know I need in my life.  I need something to look forward to, to keep my eye on the prize, and striving to be better.  I need the structure.  Its probably why I love running so much, it requires an amount of discipline I haven’t always been good at.  I have finished everything I have set out to do so far with my running goals, which hasn’t always been the case.  This is teaching me to not give up on other goals I have.  After this goal, who knows, maybe it will be back to school for me!

Oh.. and as of today… 3 lbs down… to be continued !