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I have been slow in starting my goal, but I am working on starting!  I signed up back at my health club yesterday.  It offers Yoga, Spin, water aerobics and has an Olympic size pool for laps.  I don’t officially start until February 1st.

I am going to try the Hal Higdon Training Plan this time for Novice 2.  I will start February 1st.

I have toyed with the idea of starting a new blog under a different name that is more incognito so I can say everything I really want to say.  Emotionally sometimes I just want to vent, and express myself without fear of people I know reading it.

We all have people close to us that emotionally aren’t very nice to us.  It’s a real struggle sometimes to not let the negative talk or hurtful voices take over.  I have pretty thick skin, but, sometimes I have to remind myself just because someone says something to me, doesn’t make it so.  Don’t let other people’s perceptions or projections of themselves stick.  Ask yourself, “do you really give a fuck?”  If the answer is no, then turn away and say it.  Don’t get lassooed into a negative net.