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I mentioned in an earlier post I was going to focus on short 20 minute work outs and do more if I feel into it.  Keeping short goals seems like the best way to attack the month of December without completely throwing everything out the window.

It’s a tough month to navigate through, snacks, family, food, holiday treats and more food.

I have a new pair of shoes.  Again.  So far this week I have run 3 times in them and every run I have managed to stay in my 12 minute mile pace, which I haven’t seen in months.  I really like them.  The Hoka One One Conquests.  They are firmer than any of the other models, while still retaining the cushion on the sole we love.  They are made from a different foam which doesn’t have the pillow feel of the other models, but still cushions so I don’t notice the pavement.

I had seen a pic of me from behind in a race photo and I noticed my ankles and feet were rolling inward.  That can’t be good for my knees! These shoes have more support and my ankles aren’t rolling so freely.  I haven’t run any long runs in them (as I am avoiding long runs as I try to get in better shape, lose weight to run without injury).  I am running only 2-3 miles at a time, focusing on quality miles not quantity.

I really want to get some weight off , still keep my heart rate up and love the feeling I have of my body in motion from running.  I also want the Hoka Cliftons when I start logging longer runs.  They are like heaven on the feet and will be great recovery shoes for shorter runs at that time.

I am back to logging my food in my fitness app, and will try to be more accountable since I can see how many calories I am eating.  My goal for 2015 is to run the 2nd half of the SF half marathon and actually make my goal of 3 hours this time.  The only way it will happen is to remain injury free, and losing weight will help my knees.  So, we’ll see how this all plays out.

My goal for 2014 was to do my first half marathon.  I actually completed two. I accomplished the goal. Now, I want to accomplish the goal of 13.1 within the finish time I have set for myself.  It’s not super over ambitious, but, I like to set goals I have to work for, yet are attainable.  It’s better for my self esteem, and I will finish the task instead of becoming so discouraged I give up.  That is not good for one’s psyche… 3 hours is a doable goal, but not super easy for me.

Feel free to share your 2015 goals.  What are some things you’re aiming for in the New Year?