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I haven’t been running, so I haven’t blogged- which got me thinking ..  I want to write about other subjects on my blog also.  Running is the catalyst for so much of what goes on in my life, the changes I’ve made, but it also has stirred a lot of thoughts about other things.  Writing helps me cope.

I have always loved to write.  I am most definitely an emotional writer.  I write based on what moves me, inspires me, angers me, etc.  I am a persuasive writer.  I have identified with being a writer as long as I can remember.  My father used to holler at me, “Do you have to write all over everything?”  My mother always encouraged me to write.  When I was in the sixth grade I would write stories and use different classmates in them.  My teacher would have me stand up in front of the class and read them aloud.  My friends in class seemed to get a kick when I used them as characters.  It was my first taste of how good it felt when people enjoyed reading what I wrote.  My English instructors in college were also very supportive, and seemed to recognize my ability to write.

I had one instructor in particular I respected tremendously.  She was an attorney, but found teaching English was her passion.  She was tough.  She taught at the higher level and seriously made her students earn their grade.  She had given only two A’s that semester and one was to me.  I remember at the time telling my (then) husband how much my brain hurt after taking her class.  I felt I had worked so hard and gave it everything I had. I actually felt exhausted! That is so funny now.  But, when I saw that A it meant so much to me.  I knew she wasn’t given me an A because she liked me.  She was extremely fair.  I knew I worked for it.  I earned it.

I wrote a paper on explaining how Tickermaster (at the time it was basically the only way to purchase tickets to events) was a monopoly, and how a man named Paul Allen was the owner.  Pearl Jam at the time even refused to sell concert tickets through Ticketmaster in protest to their practices of excess fees and fans not having any choice, but to pay them.  There was a lot I covered in that paper, hardly any of it I remember now.  I know that I had no clue who Paul Allen was at the time I wrote it.  But, it uncovered a lot of surprising things when connecting the dots and it was fascinating.  It felt like I had tapped into something that everyone in the class was interested in.  She made copies of my paper and passed them out to the class using mine as an example.  She also recommended me as the English tutor on campus and I worked part time tutoring other students who needed help writing papers.

I am not saying I am an expert in grammatical style, nor writing without errors.  However, I do my best to use correct spelling, use of a word, and generally proofread.  But,  I am not about to get hung up on it much with my blog or I could analyze it to the point where it becomes work, and I wont publish.  So, no judging! Ha ha… But, I do know that when someone writes about what sparks a passion in them, or ignites their curiosity its usually an engaging read, and that is what an emotional writer is in my opinion.

I might lose some readers, but then gain some.  But, at the end of the day I decided I want to write about whatever has me fired up enough to put thought to screen.  After all, I started this for me and if anyone wants to come along… please do!  P.s.  It still includes running.  I am not giving that up!  xoxo