Sorry its taken me so long to follow up on the Nike Half Marathon report.  I wasn’t sure I could make it through it, and half-heartedly looked to try and get out of it.  In the end, I decided to go for it and just do the best I could and walk as much as I needed, but to go and have the experience.

The Expo

I took the Ferry over from Larkspur and it was a straight shot walk up Market to Union Square.  It was a beautiful day.  It was easy to find, and I waltzed in and had my bib and packet within 3 minutes.  Easy!  It was nice to see how many women were so excited to be there.  I was, too.  But, I have to admit it would’ve been a lot more exciting had someone been there with me.  I didn’t really have anyone to take pictures for me in front of the iconic symbols Nike had set out, nor was I really feeling it to write on the wall.  It just isn’t the same when you’re going solo.  I did look around, and then walk to the Nike Union Square store to check out the half marathon merchandise.  I was really looking forward to getting something for this half marathon.  I wanted a hoodie, zip up sweat jacket, but I honestly didn’t love any of the designs enough to warrant 80-120.00 for the price.  Had I found one I really loved, I would’ve bought one.  So, I left empty handed.

They did give a nice $20.00 Nike Gift Card in the swag bag to use online, so maybe I will put it towards something there.

The Race

The race was actually a lot easier to get to then I anticipated.  I was so worried, as we had to bring our 5 year old down at 4 am and how my husband was going to handle all this.  We had a chat earlier, and I asked him to try and make this as smooth as possible for me.  I can’t handle much stress before these events as I am already full of anxiety about pulling it all off.  I mentioned that even if I am being a bitch, to please, just bite his tongue and realize its only this one day, and take it up with me afterwards.  He agreed, and stuck to it.  It went smooth.  He dropped me off literally feet from the start line!  I was impressed!  He really came through for me.  It made for a nice beginning.

I found the 4th corral I was placed in and went all the way to the front.  I knew I wanted to be as far forward as possible giving me that extra time for the many hundreds still behind me to cross the start line.   It was so crowded.  I didn’t mind the crowd at the beginning, but it took about 45 minutes or more of standing in cattle call type conditions before we allowed to go.  By then my feet are beginning to hurt from standing in one place and there was literally no room to stretch or do some bends.. if you didn’t bring a snack your breakfast has worn off by then for fuel.  I just wanted to start.

I didn’t feel the camaraderie I was expecting from all the women.  Maybe, it was the cluster I was around.  But, to be honest I felt more fellow support among everyone at the San Francisco Half Marathon and I was running alone at that one in my own pace group.  It could be just the placement of where I was.

This course was very hard.  It was harder then the SF Half Marathon in my opinion. There were more hills.  I made every cut off time, but I was walk/run and by mile 5 my knee was feeling pain.  I would try to jog up the hills knowing I had to walk slowly down.  Walking down the hills causes me the most pain.  But, when I made it to mile 10 and the biggest hill of all– walking up Sea Cliff (we went down it on the SF Half) and I was still pretty strong walking up I knew I was would make it fine.  It was painful and the last 4 miles I was walking pretty slow, but at least I could walk it, unlike the SF Half where I was limping.  I only finished 2 minutes faster than the SF Half where I limped.. I was a little shocked at how slow even my 5k was.  On my WORST days I’ve never had such slow times in the first 10K… I chalk it up to it being extremely crowded where I was starting, me walking more than I thought, and far more uphill than the SF Half.  It all slowed me down.  And, I finished which was exactly all I set out to do, and as slow as I was.. there was still approx 2,000 people that came in after me.  So, I wasn’t the slowest.

October is usually my favorite month.  It has been in many aspects… I am now a Grandmother, my eldest had her baby girl.  I don’t feel like I should be a grandma and my little one is not having it (ha ha).  She doesn’t understand it at all.  I finished the Nike Half which was a bucket list item for me.  I finally own my first Tiffany necklace. But, its also been one of the hardest months for me emotionally.

This whole year has been a tough year.  I feel so hyper sensitive with all the media coming at me in all directions, the bad news that seems to be everywhere, I am on overload and need to seriously take a vacation.