I have been struggling if I am going to run the Nike Half Marathon this Sunday. I am so afraid my knee will give out again once the hills are incorporated back into my run. I don’t have child care so my husband will be trekking my little one down with me at 4 am to the city. And, there’s a part of me that feels I shouldn’t be taking the money from our family (the race was 220.00 w/bus pass) to run for a Tiffany necklace. Money has been tight this year.

Emotionally, I want to run it. Selfishly, I want to run it. Its the race I dreamed of running before I could even run a 5K. Its not easy to get in, but I dreamed of being in the condition to actually run it. I most likely will have to walk most of it. The fact I am injured really takes the fun out of it.  I offered a friend who really wanted to run it if she wanted to have my bib for what I paid for it. I figured karmically the Universe will decide for me. I want to do the right thing, and my family should be first. So, if its not meant to be this time I am ok with it. I know I will get another opportunity, because it will present itself. If I am meant to run walk it , then that’s what I will do Sunday.

I am going to the expo today to get my bib. I am sure that will be fun.

So, we’ll see what the Universe decides for me.