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For large busty women chafing is an issue- It just is.  I am, and have always been gifted in that department.  Some women might be glad they are not, especially when you’re athletic.  It sure is easier!

But, even as my lowest weight, which was 60 lbs lighter than I am now.. I only lost inches around my back, not my breast size. I was still a DDD.  And, there are many women who have implants at that size and run- I know I see them.  And, lets just say, exercise company’s have got to get it together and offer larger cup size athletic bra’s that actually SUPPORT!  It’s the same way with bathing suit tops.. don’t even get me started.  I swear I wish I could start a bathing suit line for women who are really a size DD or DDD.  Many tops say they are DD, but they aren’t!  I want to wear a cute, sexy bathing suit top, not some granny suit.  Can we make them to fit the whole breast in, and not just the areola ? In saying all that– I digress–but, along my sides under my exercise bra straps I had serious chafing.

The chafing was so bad I went to my Doctor and asked her if something was wrong?  It was a very large area, very rough, and ugly.  I was beginning to question if this was worth all the things I am encountering since running with my body.  She prescribed a steroid cream, which helped a little, but it never got rid of it.

I went to the running store, and the owner who happens to be very personable and I have really got to know her over time.  I mentioned this chafing, and how unsightly it was and she shrieked, “O.M.G, YES! We all get it- even in some crazier places.”  She showed me this bottle of 2Toms Sport Shield liquid roll on.

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I am not even joking when I say I used this and after two times all my chafing and any visible traces of it were gone!  My skin is smooth as used to be.  What other sweet little secrets are out there I need to know about?!  I need to know, so tell me if you have any! It’s just a clear liquid that rolls on much like a liquid deodorant (do they still even make that?) does, or did.  It’s supposed to work on blisters, such as on toes, behind your heel, anywhere you need protection from chafing and blisters.  I really love it, and can say, absolutely it worked like a charm.  I had to pass it on!