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The last few weeks have been some of the toughest.  Maybe my body just doesn’t want to run.  If its not one thing its a damn another.   I have used rollers, stretched, used braces, ibuprofen, etc.. my knee wont cooperate.  So, I decided to let it rest.  I haven’t tried running in almost 2 weeks.  I decided maybe my knee just needs plain rest.

Even after 2 weeks of not running I can still feel some pain, and my hamstring on the same leg is still sore (from overcompensating with the knee brace on).

I have the Women’s Nike Half Marathon next month.  I decided I would rather be able to walk fast with some running sprinkled in and finish without pain then push myself and not give myself a chance to heal properly.  I am going to just walk in the meantime.

If I do this half marathon even walking briskly, but remain pain free in my knee I will beat the time of the SF Marathon, which was horrible, as I hobbled for many miles to finish.

All I know is I DON’T want a repeat of that again.  If I rest it long enough I am hoping it will be enough to get through this next half marathon and then stay away from anything longer than a 10K until next July.

I feel so ripped off.  I finally got to a point where I felt comfortable running 6-7 miles (which used to scare me) and now I get so much pain in my knee I can barely walk when I try.  It’s so unfair and depressing.  Oh, well.. hoping for the best.

The plus side is, I volunteered to help with street traffic at our local 5K/Half Marathon Clo Cow Half Marathon (Clover Milk) in Petaluma.  It was my very first 5K and what inspired me to start this blog…  The Beginning.  It’s a very hilly half marathon.  I could never run it with my knees.  But, I LOVED cheering everyone on. I know how much hard work it is!

I loved seeing the little kids running the 5K- It brought tears to my eyes to see them.  I would encourage each one and tell them what a great job they were doing.  I loved seeing the older folks out there, and the heavier people.  It’s all so inspiring to me, and I am a cheerleader for the underdog every time.

I had one woman as she ran by say, “I am 50 and out here doing it”  somehow, maybe she was thinking she wasn’t keeping up with the fast , younger runners? So, I was so quick to reply, “You ARE doing it! You go girl!” and we high fived. When I would clap and say good job and some would reply, “Thanks, but I am so slow”  I would counter, “You’re faster than everyone sitting on the couch this morning! Great Job”.  I loved giving positive encouragement and I meant every word.  I know how hard it is to get out there when you aren’t as in shape as others.  I know how much they want to be out there in order to fight all the internal talk that goes on inside of our heads.  To silence it enough to get out there, is awesome.

I love running for what is has given to me, and I want to give back, and I would volunteer again in snap!