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Totally me on my runs lately!

Totally me on my runs lately!

It’s been a few weeks since I have written a new blog.  I am tired of complaining of one injury or another, so I thought I would write after trying a few things to see what has worked with this runner’s knee I am dealing with.

I have a knee brace, which works pretty good, except it restricts my movement too much.  I find my hamstring muscles are pretty sore after wearing it and then I am just trading one issue for another.  I know ice is really good for treating runner’s knee, and I have been using it, but to be honest, not as often as I should be.  I really want to try this hot/cold therapy wrap. It seems easy to wear and concentrates on the knee/leg area and I think I would actually wear it.  That’s on my list to try next.

I have tried a Knee Pro-Tec Patellar Tendon Strap made by the same company of the hot/therapy wrap (which I saw after visiting their website).  I have to say I really like the Patellar strap.  It’s comfortable to wear, feels good, and light.  It definitely helps my knee feel more secure, but it tends to work best when I am in mild discomfort- which makes sense-  I don’t expect it to be a miracle worker.  However, I must say, I think its the best thing I have found to help me get through my runs.  I like the freedom it provides, yet, the stability is still there.  If I am experiencing pain by mile three then the patellar strap isn’t going to do it for me,  But, on the days when my knee isn’t giving me too much trouble I have been able to run six miles wearing it.  I haven’t been brave enough to try longer runs, as I am so worried I am going to injure myself to the point I will have a miserable half marathon in October.  I don’t want a repeat of what happened to me in July, yet, its a slippery slope as I know I need to get some longer runs in.

I have decided I am going to wear the band tomorrow and do a long run of at least eight miles, but making it more walking with some running sprinkled in.  I want to get the distance in without causing stress from running on it.

I have improved quite a bit over time and I feel a little robbed now that my knee is acting up.  On my shorter runs where my knee hasn’t hurt I have surprised myself running 11-12 minute miles.  I did 3 miles two nights ago in under 37 minutes which is the best I have ever done. I love running when my knee doesn’t hurt.  I really want to know how I would do in a half marathon without an injury.  I don’t think that is going to happen with the Nike Marathon coming up next month.  But, I am not worried this time.  I want to finish without injury, and if I focus on that I will do better than what happened to me in the SF 1st half marathon.  I am focusing on the experience and how fortunate I am to have been selected in the lottery.  After this race I am sticking to 5 and 10 K’s and just healing my knee.  I want to be strong and ready for next July when I run the San Francisco 2nd half marathon.  I am going for the Half it all medal (running the 1st half and 2nd half consecutively).  My goal is to run that to my best ability and hopefully see what I am capable of doing.

I don’t stress over it anymore.  I know its a common injury.  I know I can find a way through it.  I have learned to get through other injuries that have plagued me since beginning this journey and I have found answers for all of them so far.  I don’t worry if I am good enough anymore.  I have run good times, and I have run many bad times.  It’s all part of it.  If I wanted to give up, I have had enough obstacles thrown in my way to do so.  I don’t.  I like running.  I like how it makes me feel, and I like having a goal.  I like the structure it provides, as I have to be consistent.  It will be okay. Do you hear that knee?