Life after the San Francisco Half Marathon… I took two weeks off to ice and rest my knee after having epic knee failure at mile 7-8 of the half marathon. I managed to hobble in, yes, but– I have another half marathon in October to concentrate on and I am doing everything I can to prevent that from happening to me at the S.F. Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I have just returned from seeing the Sports Medicine Doctor. My x-rays are normal, no torn ligaments, or injuries! YES!

The diagnosis was classic “runner’s knee”. Great, okay, what do I do now? Ice, rest, stretches, anti-inflammatory drugs, and a knee sleeve. I knew that was probably going to be the answer, but I had to check and know for sure.

I have run twice this week. The first run was just a gentle 2 mile run to see how it felt, and ease back into it. I did pretty good. Then a few days later I ran 4 miles. I really was concentrating on taking it easy, a lot of walking breaks, yet, still making sure I went at least 4 miles. I did great! I did my first mile in the 11 minute range, which hasn’t happened to me for at least a year. At the end of the run it averaged around 12:53 or something in that range for the whole run, which, again is awesome for me! Since not running for two weeks I lost 5 lbs, which I am sure helps my time. When I am not running, I am not eating as much. Running makes a person so hungry! I am trying to be mindful not to get carried away after a run, although, we need our energy, its half the battle if I work on my nutrition more this time around.

This last year has been quite some year. I would recommend everyone sign up for a major event and have a goal to work towards, i.e, the half marathon I signed up for last November and just finished. It has taught me so much about myself, my body and how to overcome obstacles. It’s not over- I have about 8 weeks to go before half marathon #2. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!