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After not running or doing anything for almost 2 weeks, I finally went to the Doctor. I just couldn’t muster any energy. I was having headaches almost everyday. I literally couldn’t give a shit about the half marathon coming up and that I am barely ready for it on a good day, let alone not doing anything except one 4 mile run last Saturday morning towards my training. Although, I take that back…I did have a magnificent 9.5 mile run on the Clo Cow Half Marathon course in Sonoma County, (which kicks ones ass pretty good) the week before. I was pretty happy with myself after that run. But, it was to be my last big run before my energy left me.

After seeing my M.D it turns out I am anemic. I knew I was always on the cusp of being anemic when I would go to give blood. I had to test and see if it sank in the solution they use to see if you have enough iron in your blood to donate. I sometimes wouldn’t pass, so I started eating Spinach before I would donate. At other times when I notice I am feeling fatigued I would eat a nice steak with spinach and it would usually do the trick. This time, no go. I didn’t realize I would actually need to take something.. duh.. it just never dawned on me I was that anemic. I am a healthy person with a good diet. So, now that I have discovered, YET another thing about my body, I can pick it up again and at least get in my 6 and 7 mile run this week. It’s an easy enough fix, thank goodness.

Again, another benefit of running- I have learned so much about my body I wouldn’t otherwise have known.

I have given up on the 3 hour time limit again, especially after this disastrous week and a half. My running coach (who is so awesome!) She is running the full vineman the same week I am doing my first half marathon, and has run not only the dipsea foot race, which is the hardest trail race this side of the Mississippi, but the double dipsea! She told me not to worry about the medal, that if they don’t give me a medal because of the time limit she has a San Francisco Marathon medal that she is giving to me from her! AWEEEEEE.. is that not the sweetest thing ever?! She doesn’t want me to get hung up on that and forget how hard I worked to get here, and to finish is success enough. She is so right, I know she is.

This time limit shit pretty much sucked the love of running out of me these last few months. Yet, I know I also worked harder because of it. So, its a love/hate thing. I will think of my running coach Erin when I am feeling like I can’t go on, or if I get discouraged.. I will think of her having to run 26.2 miles AFTER biking for 112 miles! I can’t feel sorry for myself for 13.1 miles knowing what she is going through. That will be my motivator. I will finish.