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Anyone reading my blog knows I have been CONSUMED with the time limit of this half marathon. Well, yesterday I finally did it. I finally managed the Golden Gate Bridge and the hill leading from the Presidio to the bridge (SF side if you’re not from the Bay Area). That hill slows me down to 15-16 minute pace, and I couldn’t even run it before. I managed to run about 75% of it yesterday. I powered through. I managed 12-13 minute pace consistently! I cried. I literally couldn’t hold back the tears. Tears of joy that all my hard work finally came together for one perfect run. I hope it wasn’t a fluke. Ha Ha. I plan on working my plan hard the next few weeks to only improve my strength, therefore giving me more hope I just MIGHT PULL THIS OFF!

Also, I tried something new- I tried the Gu Gummy Chews. I ate one about every 20-25 minutes and I am not sure if that was the change that helped, but I felt like I ate a Superwoman pill. I felt strong. I wasn’t tired. Even at the end I remembered my coach saying, “Give it a little more at the end. Save something to come in strong” and I could pick it up.. I felt I actually had the energy to give it more! It was one of those runs you have once in a blue moon and you feel amazing! It was a beautiful day.

I am definitely taking those Gu Chews with me on my long run this weekend. I have my longest run to date this weekend. I am to run 12 miles. I am going to run a hill route and see how I pull it off. Also, I have added doing planks everyday. I add 5 seconds every day until the day before my half marathon. My core feels stronger, too. All of that is important.

I will update after long run this weekend! Happy running!