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I haven’t blogged in a about a week or so, but I have been making pretty good progress!  My longest run now has been 10 miles.  I did it last Saturday!  I had done 9 miles for two consecutive weeks as my long run distance prior!  Who would have ever thought I could do this?  I certainly never did.  I have noticed so much improvement in my fitness level.  After running 10 miles last week, I came home, showered and went on with my day.  I went to the fair with my family and felt fine.  I could NEVER have done that 7 months ago.  I would have been zapped and down for the day.  The human body is AMAZING how it adapts and how strong it is!

I am still not convinced I can pull off the half marathon in under 3 hours.  If it was any other half marathon I think it would be possible, but this San Francisco first half is harder.  Period.  I have run the course, and the hardest part is the hill leading up to the Golden Gate bridge and then the bridge itself.  That’s at least 4 miles of pretty steady incline.  By the time I reach that point in the half marathon I will have run about 5 miles, so going into one of the hardest parts of the race after already putting in almost half the miles, I find I slow down.  I slow down into the 14+ min pace mile range.  That isn’t going to work.  BUT, I find myself speeding up on the bridge from previous runs.  I managed 11+ minute pace range going from the Marin County to San Francisco direction for 2 miles. That is my fastest, yet.

At this point I am going to take the Ferry over to the Ferry building and run the course across the Golden Gate Bridge and have someone pick me up on the Marin side.  I have to practice this more.

I have also decided I am going to just accept that if I miss this by a few minutes, then that is just the way it is.  I definitely have worked harder at this than most things in my life.  I really feel I have put a lot of effort in and I need to be content with how much progress I have made.  I am doing something so many others wouldn’t even try.  I never thought I would feel pretty confident about going the distance of 13.1 miles.  That is huge in itself.  If I don’t finish in 3 hours it will be close-very close.  I am hoping when it comes to race day the endorphins will kick in and I will give it everything I have to push up those hills faster than I have before.  I am telling myself, its ONE day.  I can push through anything I am feeling and just focus on giving it my all.  I am about 50/50 in if I think the time is attainable at this point.  But, I am not panicking anymore.  I am not having anxiety attacks, so I am making progress and feeling pretty good!

Next week, I will update… its down to 4 more weeks until race day! xo

Ps.  How do I change my thumbnail next to my blog.  I am sick of the same picture, and I can’t figure it out! ha ha

Across the bridge, down to Crissy Field... another spectacular view!

Across the bridge, down to Crissy Field… another spectacular view!

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