OK, so I met up with two women through a local run/triathlon site I belong to.  Yes, they were quite a bit quicker than I. But, that’s ok.  Just knowing they were out there with me was comforting.  Plus, I was struggling- which was my own fault, by my own admission I totally slacked last week.  I felt it.  I struggled, but I managed 6 miles done to their 7 miles.  And, I am happy I got that in.  I still managed in the 13 minute mile range, but had I been training and actually ran last week once.. it might have felt better.  But, next week I am on point.  I am off to a good start with todays run.  I am going to run the Golden Gate Bridge this week at least twice to make 6.2 miles and I should be ready to push it to 7+ on next weekend’s long run no problem.  I am tracking my food again, which I am always more successful when I doooo.. So, there you have it.  

Nothing bad happened to me when I just faced my fear and ran with the faster pack!  It’s done, and I don’t feel wiped out.  

Laying by the pool for the rest of my Sunday is the only thing on my to do list today.  xo