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I know I reviewed my previous Hoka One’s as horrible.  But, they were in the back on my mind, always.  I kept coming back to how comfortable they were on and maybe I just needed to give them a bit more time for my legs to get used to them as one’s foot sits a little lower than traditional running shoes.  So, I went back to the running store and decided to talk to someone a bit more about them.  We decided to try the Hoka One Stinson Tarmac model.  I love the pull laces, and another thing I like is I want these laces tight, whereas in the past with running shoes I felt like I couldn’t get them loose enough.  So, this is completely opposite for me.  I like these tighter!  They are so comfortable, even just walking around.  I decided I had to give these a try and give them a fair shake this time, not just one run.

My first run in them felt comfortable, but I was having other feet issues at the time, so it was a little hard to know if these were going to be the answer to my prayers, yet.  I decided I wasn’t giving up on them.  After I was able to get my feet issues under control I went for my first long run in them (7 miles).  I knew after about 3 miles that I was going to make it, and the shoes really felt great.  I love when I land on the midsole of my foot and  it feels like a little bounce!  Like a Tigger (Winnie the Pooh reference) shoe!  I have since done 2 runs over 7 miles in them, and four 5K’s and I can’t go back to my old shoes now.  I tried running a short run in my Asic Kayano Gel’s (my first love shoe) and I couldn’t handle the impact I felt when I landed, which is strange, right?  My Keyano’s use to be the most cushioned shoe on the market. They now feel like I am barefoot next to these Hoka’s.

I am glad I didn’t give up, and I can honestly say, I love these shoes! If you’re not sure when you try them if you like them, I suggest starting in small increments.  A few miles at a time.  As your legs get use to the fit and the small tweak in positioning your legs go through, then you wont notice anything anymore and they feel great.  I bet, its a small percentage of people that take a bit of adjusting to them– I happen to be one of those of people– the guy at the running store did mention this to me and it’s true.  I am so glad I can finally say I have a shoe that works!  My feet feel very protected and safe from injury in the Hoka One Stinson Tarmac shoe.  I plan on using them for my first 10K in less than two weeks and my first half in July.