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Today I got an email.  It said, “runningwcurves” is now following you.  I sat staring at it thinking.. what?  I am following myself?  Then I saw it.  There was a letter change.. still a little confused I clicked the link to see this blog, as it wasn’t making sense quite yet.  Silly me!  Someone had started their blog this month with basically the same name and guess what?  THE SAME TOPIC.  Even the ideas and views are the basically the same.  Her writing style is different.  But, I felt violated.  I started my blog almost a year ago with this name.  I don’t own the right to talk about being a heavier runner and how it feels, etc.  However, to use basically the same name to do it?  She clearly knew I existed or she wouldn’t have followed me.  I would never have known she existed, otherwise.  I have to say, IF I knew someone existed in the same forum, same topic and I planned on basically talking about the same thing I would have had the courtesy to change my name before I started my blog.  I wouldn’t have wanted to start my blog off with that kind of energy.  It just seems rude.  She clearly knew my blog existed!  The name is pretty much taken!  Adding a “with” to it doesn’t differentiate it enough to justify it’s different.

IF the content was different than mine?  I could live with it.  But, it isn’t!  Now, if I tell someone my blog name and they accidentally add a “with” to it, they find her.  Isn’t there a certain etiquette involved here?  I would be mortified to have a blog about running as a curvier woman with the same name and then “like” their blog.  I would feel like I am trespassing.  It takes a certain amount of chutzpa.

I am not sure I can do anything about it, but it makes me feel a little creep-ed out.