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As I have been saying the last two months I had been plagued by something I couldn’t pin point going on with my legs or feet.  I went to my doctor last week and she checked my feet and my circulation and in her opinion it seemed fine.  Yesterday I went for a run with my training partner for the San Francisco Half Marathon and another friend of mine who wanted to join us.  We ended up doing five miles, which is about a mile further than my usual comfort zone, and from what I have read about the distance I am suppose to be increasing at gradually.  It was perfect!  It was just enough that about the last half mile I was getting tired, and my heart rate was having trouble staying at a comfortable rate.  So, I pushed myself enough, but not too much.  Then I walked for another 15 minutes afterwards so cool down.  It’s true it works!  I had read all this in Jeff and Barbara Galloway’s book, Half-Marathon: A Complete Guide For Women.  

In the book they mention that when your body begins to get tired to walk in intervals to improve recovery, before it gets too tired.  It was taking me a whole day to recover sometimes after running.  Not this time.  I was fine.  My feet were fine, my breathing was fine, I was able to keep my pace and not until the last half mile as I said earlier did I feel the need to walk for 30 seconds to allow my heart rate to go down, and then run again.  That is a huge improvement from what was happening to me.  It felt so good to know I didn’t lose it!  I was really beginning to doubt my ability and if this half marathon was an achievable goal for me.  After yesterday’s run my confidence is back.  I know I can do this if I continue to run and feel as well as I did yesterday.  I am already half way there! 

This year, 2014, I am going to be in the best shape of my life.  I am creating my training schedule, and will begin yoga and spin each week.  I am back to tracking my food, which no matter what I think, does help me keep an eye on making better choices.  It all makes a difference. 

For the first time since November I am finally excited at pursuing my goal.  And that is a huge relief!  It’s going to be OK!