Today was the best run I have had in two months.  I have mentioned in my earlier posts my feet had been falling asleep, my calves were exhausted after only a half a mile.  I was basically miserable.  I went from running 4-5 miles non-stop to not being able to run one mile without walking and cussing out loud, “What the HELL is going ON?”  to “THIS IS RIDICULOUS!”  It felt so crazy to me that I would digress so much after only changing my shoe for a few runs.  It wasn’t making any sense.  Everyone kept saying, “just keep being consistent” to “Don’t give up”.  Which I appreciate, bu,t I hadn’t given up, and I was being consistent!  That is what made this mystery a mystery.  If I had stopped running for a period of time then I would fully expect to have to start from the beginning.  This wasn’t the case.  

Today I ran alone on a path that I find very inspiring.  It’s so beautiful it makes it easy to run there.  But, I listened to my music, I wore my old shoes that never seem to let me down.  I increased my water intake.  I have been mindful of stretching, and I have increased my miles.  Even if I had to walk 30 seconds between a mile, I did it.  I figured, I am not giving up.  Also, I have been thinking of trying the compression socks.  I have pretty low blood pressure (not sure if there is a connection), I am heavier and I know my heart is working hard to bring blood to my body as I run.  I think (and this is just a guess) that my legs are getting short changed in the circulation department and my legs and feet are therefore, becoming fatigued a lot faster.  So, back to the run tonight… I ran the 3.5 miles without stopping (except at the water fountain at the 1.75 mark and a girl needs some water).  It felt a little uncomfortable, but nothing I couldn’t run through.  That is so encouraging to me!  I now know that this issue was just something I needed to work through.  I have asked other runners if this has happened to them.  The feet falling asleep seems to be a lot more common syndrome than I was aware of.  But, other than that I haven’t got a lot of feedback about what might help.  SO, if anyone ever goes through this I hope they can learn from what has worked for me in trying to improve this. Or by all means, I would love to hear feedback, ideas, etc.  

I have also focused more on hills to improve my running.  Even if I am on the treadmill.  Yesterday, I put it the incline at 6 and walked for a mile.

This has been the most challenging thing I have ever done.  I have to prove to myself I can do this.  I will hate myself if I don’t put the work into giving this half marathon my best effort.  That is the thing about running.. there are NO short cuts. The work has to be done.  It’s hard work too.  Running is very hard for me.  But, if I don’t work hard I will never know what I was capable of.  

My goal this month is to run 50 miles.  I am doing 12.5 miles a week.  Its 9 days into 2014 and I have run darn near 20 miles (I should have ran that extra half a mile to make it an even 20).  I am back to journaling my food.  I need to lose weight if I want to help my running.

Today was a great run.  I was so proud of myself and happy I proved to myself it was just a temporary glitch in my running system. 😉  A word to the runners in Marin, smile more- give a wave when you pass.. Sonoma County runners are jollier runners.  I get “Good job”  high fives, and smiles all the time.  SMILE MARIN .. Maybe I will put my hand up for a high five next time and see if I can’t get them to loosen up!  Ha Ha… xoxo