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I forget that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It’s also one of the most expensive for that reason! We live north just outside of San Francisco. My running and training partner who is from Finland always reminds me when we are running how lucky we are to have this as our training grounds.  She is right!  We can run pretty much year round outside without too much modification like other places in the Country where they experience brutal winters.  We have a lot of pretty running trails, and scenery at our fingertips.  I grew up here, and have lived here my whole life, and am guilty of taking it for granted.  My friend takes a lot if pictures when we are running-

A.  She has a faster pace than me!

B.  I call her my “official Runningcurves photographer

C. She see’s the beauty I sometimes don’t until she points it out!

I am thankful she has taken so many great pictures to document this half marathon journey of mine.  I don’t see it at the time until I go back and look at her photo’s how beautiful it is!  I want to share with you some from last weeks run after work.



That’s me! Nice December weather, eh?


(I am the little ant down below running on the path.. I had no idea she was snapping these and she caught up to me in a jiffy!)  I hope I get faster one day.. ha ha


Me, again, almost at the end of the run.. the sun is going down! December 12, 2013 Tiburon bike path


Thumbs UP!


I had to share this one!  She joked the height of my hair is competing with the height of the Golden Gate Bridge Towers- which you can see in the distance.  It’s a funny picture, again, how lucky we are that is our view!!

I have to remember to be grateful I can run, I am healthy, I have a home and I live in a beautiful area.  Sometimes it takes someone else to remind us that everyday we have gifts around us, and the most important ones are not the material gifts.