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Brooks Dyad 7

Brooks Dyad 7

I have to say I had such high hopes for these shoes also.  They felt awesome walking in them.  I really loved how they felt.  I had plenty of room in the toe box, they felt very comfortable and like walking on a cloud.  But, when I went for my run I felt my feet were in pain again.  I had such cramps in my calves and the bottom of my feet!  It could very well have been some residual pain from the horrible experience I had with the Hoka’s the week before.  So, I can’t honestly say it was from the shoes, but I do know they weren’t for me regardless.

After two miles the calf pain went away, but my feet were in unbearable pain.  These shoes for whatever reason just weren’t working either.

I could totally tell these shoes probably are great shoes, but for someone else.  I don’t know why they weren’t for me, but they went back to the running store and I am back running on my trusty Asic Keyano Gel running shoes.  They are the shoe for me.  They cost about $40.00 more, but its worth every penny for me.  I ran in my brand new Asics the following week, and I was able to run 90% of my 4 mile run with no pain until the about the last mile.   I think its a circulation problem I am probably having at this point, but the Asics help get me through my runs a lot better than any other shoe.  So, why mess with a successful formula?  I am now looking into compression socks to possibly help with my feet falling asleep, and more stretching….  I will keep you posted when I find something to add to the Asics combination that helps with my feet falling asleep!