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I have to say, I wanted to LOVE these shoes.  I looked for every reason to love these shoes.  I didn’t care if they were considered ugly.  I wanted comfort.  Everything I had read about these shoes had me sure THESE shoes are the answer to my prayers!

As of lately, I have been running in Asics Keyano Gel’s, which I absolutely think are wonderful shoes.  I was able to increase my mileage right away from my very first run with them, but after about 100 miles I found the bottoms of my feet began to hurt again.  I know its because I am a heavier framed runner.  The Clydesdale runner as I read one person describe us heavier runners.. and hey, it’s a great description!  When I am out running I think all the time IF I could just find a shoe that would allow more comfort on the bottom on my feet I could run further no problem.  So, after reading all the reviews on the Hoka I was convinced this is the shoe for me.  I went to a running store and was fitted for shoes.  The salesman suggested I try the Brooks Dyad 7, which I have to say, did feel very comfortable.  But, I had my heart set on the Hoka. So, he fitted me for a pair.  At first they felt awesome.  They were so cushioned I thought I hit the shoe lottery!  They are roomy, and full of cushion. I like my shoes loose and can’t stand feeling anything tight on my foot.  These ticked all the right boxes, so far.  I knew those were the shoes I was buying!  He then went on to suggest I run only two miles at first to get use to them.  He explained my foot would sit lower, therefore, I really need to stretch my calves afterwards so as not to strain something on the back of my leg.. I forget which body part… but, it made sense.. “OK.. I WILL!”

I went out for my first run.  I stretched my calves and did my little walk on my tip toes, my heels, etc.  I walked for a bit before I began to run.  I was miserable! I felt like it was SO MUCH WORK to run!  My calves were so damn sore and my feet hurt so bad I couldn’t make it a quarter a mile without walking… the ENTIRE 3 miles I tried.  I even said out loud, “THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!”  I honestly have to say it was the worst 3 miles I have ever run, except maybe once when I tried in a pair of Nike’s (which I can’t run in either).  I run over 3 miles ALL THE TIME.. I am telling you, I could not even do ONE MILE in these shoes.  I forced myself to just keep a walk/run to just try and see if it got better. I really didn’t want to accept these shoes were not living up to my expectations at all.   I was so disappointed in these shoes, it breaks my heart to even say it.  They did not work for me-not even a little.  My Asics were great right from the start.  I don’t want to try and make a shoe work.  It should from the beginning, period.

So, I now am trying the Men’s Brooks Dyad 7’s after reading a few reviews from heavier set men who swear by them.  Since I am heavier framed, I figure a man’s shoe might be perfectly suited for what I am looking for. I am about to run at least a few blocks in them (as it is dark at the moment, but I must see how they feel.)  I will follow up with my review of them next!