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Hesitantly, I decided to peek at the official chip time of the last 5K.  I felt I totally blew it, and was beating myself up, because I felt so off that day, and I don’t even know why.  To my surprise it was a 39 minute finish!  Again, another lesson learned, I knew nothing about a chip difference, but that makes sense–I was freaking when my running app said one thing, and the finishing clock said something different. I figured it was the extra running around people, whatever.  But, yeah we all cross the start at different times.  So, that isn’t bad considering everything, it was still a 12.49 mm pace.  I was 46th out of 99 in my age group and 447 out of 799.  It could be worse.  I will do better the next time, and I learn something new with every race.. this is only my 3rd event ever.  And, it is a better time than the other two… All I wanted was to see improvement, and I did.  

I feel like I want to run again….. ha ha