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I dedicate this blog entry to my dear friend and co-worker Nette.  She has been extremely supportive in my journey to run.

When I decided to do the San Francisco (first half) Marathon in 2014, she immediately offered to let me stay at her house and give me a ride to the race at the crazy early starting hour.  Her words were, “I will do whatever I can to help you be successful.”  Those are powerful words to me.  I am not use to people actually following through with their word.  She meant it when she said it, and has never made me feel like it was just the polite thing to say.  Now, she has taken it a step further….

It started with her meeting me on an early Sunday morning for my first “long” run (which was suppose to be me trying for 4 miles).  She showed up and surprised me.  I was a little nervous to run with her because she can actually run, but she was nothing but supportive and told me not to worry- she is here for support and we can walk or take it as slow as I need to.  That gesture right there was already more than I would’ve expected from any friend.

She has always been there for any question I might have, and has patiently listened to story after story of my excitement with each milestone and achievement.

Nette has now signed up for the first half of the marathon with me!  Now, to me that is huge.  Sure, she is an experienced runner.  She has finished half marathons with times of 1:40 and a full marathon with a time of 4:04, but, that was 12 years ago.  I am asking her to basically train again from the beginning.  To give up quite a bit of her life for these next months to train for this.  Granted, she has to want to do it or she wouldn’t have agreed.  But,  I honestly think a very small percentage of people would do that for a friend.  She is a little freaked out at the time commitment and amount of discipline it’s going to entail again, because she doesn’t do it half ass– which is another reason I feel so honored– I get the opportunity to share this with someone who is NOT going into this with one foot in the water.  She will do it right and train to get the best time possible.

It really makes me feel comforted in a way that I have someone along with me on this journey who knows what the hell they’re doing!  I really believe this is going to contribute even more to me being successful.  I need to take this just as serious.  I want to honor the commitment she has given to me, so we can both be proud, and that starts this week with us both running the Golden Gate Bridge together!

I also have another really great friend who is flying out from North Carolina after her full marathon a few months earlier to run this half with me as well.  I am shocked people will do this for someone!  Which shows me again how awesome runners are.  They are some of the most amazing people, and now some of the best friends I have.  It’s made so many things better in my life, and this is just another example.  Thank you Nette for doing this with me.  It really makes me feel overwhelmed with gratitude and love.  Thank you to all my friends who are making every step even easier for me.  I am very lucky.