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As I mentioned earlier its getting darker earlier and with work, and raising a 4 year old I have to squeeze in running when I can, and that is at the gym until the weekend when I can get outside.  I ran on the treadmill, which I don’t mind for about 3 or 4 miles, but then it gets very boring.  I need different things all the time to keep me motivated, whether it’s a new song to add to my playlist, or friendly competition.  I run using the Nike App, also, as I mentioned in an earlier post.  I have since found a facebook page that allows runners from all over the world a forum to post about anything running, and many use the Nike running app as well.  I have about 40 people on my list which has been great motivation to keep me going.  Many are way out of my league in that they run far more miles a week, or faster times, etc.  But, there is always going to be that in anything I do.  It’s nice to see how others are doing.  There are challenges you can send to people on your list if you want to compete with someone, etc.

Through using that app I slowly have begun to know some of the people on my list.  There are a few who are close to my time, or run approximately the same distance as I throughout the week.  It’s great when you see you are so close to passing someone! It gives me the extra incentive I need to push through an extra mile, or go for one more run this week.  Which leads me to my next milestone.

I ran my first 10K.  I have never run further than 5 miles.  I knew I had to run at least 5 miles in order to stay on par with a few people on my app that I was aiming to beat.  So, when I ran 5 miles on the treadmill I thought to myself- I have come this far, how can I not run that extra mile to say I finally ran 10K!  So, I did.  I ran 6.35 miles  in an hour and 2 minutes.  Which is so awesome for me.  I was running 10 minute miles!  That is all I have ever wanted to do.  In my opinion that is a respectable pace.  I am still overweight, and I am in my mid 40’s.  I only started running 6 months ago.  I know its going to take me at least a year of consistent running to get in the shape I need to be in to feel good out there running more than 6-7 miles.  It was such a great feeling anyhow, and yes, it was on the treadmill, which is WAY easier I know. But, I have to start somewhere with adding my distance.

Today I ran outside.  I beat my best outside 5K time without really even pushing myself.  My goal was to just run and see what the time would be so I can gauge the improvement.  I finished in 37 minutes, which again is better than last month.  I am steadily improving with each month, about a minute.  It’s hard work for me, but again that is what I like about it.  No one can run it for you.  I have to run it myself.  There are no shortcuts, and with steady work, maybe running more than a 10K won’t be as far out of reach as it seems right now.  I love it enough to stick with it, and I LOVE following and reading other dedicated bloggers and their journey running.  There are different levels of dedication, of course.  I tend to like reading the more serious blogs and the Ultra Marathoner’s blogs.  It absolutely amazes me there are people with that kind of strength and will.  It’s simply inspiring.