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Its finished!  I went into this with pretty realistic expectations knowing I would be happy with a 41 minute finish time- as its the quickest time I’ve been able to finish this course in, and that was once.  It’s 70% hill, so anything under 35 minutes is really only realistic on this course if you’re pretty fit.  I am on my way, but knew that wasn’t really going to happen, unless its a flat 5K.  I did what I was told and drank plenty of water for the next 2 days, stayed away from junk food and stretched.  

My husband thinks I am working too hard on this, but what he isn’t grasping is this ISN’T EASY for me!  I HAVE to work at it.  I have never been a runner, hence, why I get so damn excited with little milestones.  It’s hard work for me.  I knew though, no matter what… I can do this!  I have practiced it enough.  When I got there I was a little nervous.  But, it was well organized.  I lined myself up in the back of the pack- I don’t want to hold anyone back.. ha ha.  When the gun went off I resisted the urge to bolt out with the crowd and took it slow.  The first mile should be the slowest.  I did the first mile in around 13 minutes.  The second mile about the same.  The third mile I did an 11 minute mile!  That was a first for me!  I kid you not, I was keeping pace with a 6 year old.  

She was the cutest thing ever, high fiving spectators, not complaining or giving her dad a hard time about running.  My little one would be giving out the whole way. Sure, she would walk for a few minutes, but then here she would come from behind to pass me up.  I told her as we were running, “Good Job!  You are beating me!”  Humbling.  But, it was so awesome to see her out there.  

When I approached the corner that leads to finish line I heard in my ear buds 38 minutes!  I thought, Oh my god! I can maybe do this in under 40 minutes.  I picked it up and started sprinting to the finish line.  I could see the timer counting down.. and, ‘I ran like the wind, Bullseye” (reference from Toy Story).  I almost made it.  I completed in 40.13 minutes.  According to my Nike running app I finished in 39.39.. I am just sayin’…. But, in any case I finished in the best time ever.  I was so overcome with emotion when I finished I cried (just a little, not sobbing).  I looked around for someone, anyone… Finally, I saw my husband and daughter.  This was my first running event.  I never thought I would ever do one.  It was my baby step.  Now, I am ready to take on my next challenge.  I am looking for a 10K.