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I write this two nights (US time) before my 5K debut.  I know, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but this run is harder than any other 5K run I have done.  I run 5 kilometers all the time, but I don’t usually run hills.  So, I trained for this one.  

I have been running the course at least once a week for about 5 weeks.  It hasn’t really got any easier, but my recovery time has improved dramatically.  A few times I have run the course in the evening when it was cooler, and it felt pretty good…still hard, but pretty good.  Although, afterwards, I was stiff, sore and needed ibuprofen to really get moving the next day.  

Thursday I ran the course about 3:30 pm after work.  It was about 83 degrees outside.  The warm wind was blowing against me while I made my way the mile and half upwards.  I was thinking, ‘O.M.G this is never getting any easier!’  But, then countered– reminding myself of the conditions.  They aren’t easy for anyone.  I kept trucking. I wanted to quit about 2.8 miles into it, but I refused to let myself.  I was feeling a little exhausted, and thought I might even throw up.. I don’t do well running in the heat.  I kept going!  I finished with a 42 minute time about a minute longer than my fastest (Clo Cow route time) not too bad actually.  

Afterwards, I did my stretching and I noticed I was feeling pretty good still.  I felt good all night, and the next day.  The usual soreness and stiffness didn’t visit me this time.  I mentioned to my friend I had felt about 70% better than any of the other times I have run the route.  She says, “You know what that’s called?”  I reply, “No.”  She said, “FITNESS.”  Damn, she’s smart.  Of course!  As, I get fitter my recovery time will be easier! Thank goodness! 

I have a new outfit (after training for this I am going to wear something I feel good in) and I painted my nails to match my outfit!  That is only icing on the cake.  The main ingredient was hard work.  I know I can run it.  I am confident I am ready.  I won’t be the fastest.  But, I wont be the slowest either.  I am leaps and bounds away from where I was a year ago.  I am very proud of myself.  And I am ready.  BRING IT!