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I am still here and running!  It’s been a few weeks since I last blogged.  I have learned a few new things these weeks working with a running coach.  I know more about what is important to me.

First, I was invited to run with a group of the runners who are training for a marathon.  I was nervous to go, but I know everyone does there own thing and running for themselves.  There is no pressure on me from anyone else to do anything more than what I can do, except from myself.  As I began to head out for this trail that runs through beautiful trees, creeks and ends at the coast, I heard a voice call my name.  I turned and it was my friend who got up on a Sunday morning to run with me at 8 am.  I was surprised and thrilled!  I was feeling so nervous about doing this for some reason, that it was like a little lifeline thrown out to me.  She happens to be a very seasoned runner, but she was there for me and to support me whether I needed to walk or not.  So I learned I know some great people!  Runners are so supportive of each other.  I got high fives from some of the women out there, and always words of encouragement.  What other sport do you see that in?  Its amazing.  We did eight miles that day, ran five of them.  I was wrecked the whole day afterwards.. ha ha.  But, we made it to that beach!

I have also realized, I don’t care as much about time as I do about distance.  I have learned so many little things to help my running, but I started feeling the joy of it was diminishing worrying so much about being a better runner.  So, I decided I will take what I have learned and let it go.  As, soon as I did that I went to run the route of the 5K I am running in 2 weeks.  I felt like I was dragging and digging deep to push up that hill, but I can’t help thinking about everything I have learned and started applying it.  I was putting my hands in the position she showed me so my legs will follow. I thought about what my friend said to me, and focused on breaking the hill up into parts and focus on getting through one part at a time, instead of one long hill.  I thought about doing that first mile slow and getting warmed up.  I notice that first mile for me is always messy.  It takes me one mile to get my body into the groove and then speed up the miles afterwards.  The last mile I tried to dig in and push it a little harder.  When I was done and hit that time button.. I had broken every 5k time I had done up until then, including my flat 5K runs.  I was averaging 13 minute miles, ALL three of them!  I threw my hands in the air and screamed!  I DID care about improving my time.  So, everything  in combination is helping.

I am also getting stronger.

I have decided I won’t worry so much about it.  I love the feeling running gives me and it doesn’t really matter how fast I run to get that feeling.