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So, I decided to take the plunge and sign up for my first officially timed 5k.  I have done one in the past that was strictly for fun.  There were no timed results.  It wasn’t that kind of race.  This one is.  It’s also a little more of a challenge than some straight 5k’s- this has inclines, and some depth to it.  I have been told by more than a few people that I really should train for this.  I agree.  I want to try and finish this with a time I can be proud of.  I have recently found a few women that are admirable in their abilities to run.  I have been fortunate enough to tap into some great resources, instead of training on my own. This is a view of the different elevations involved.


I joined a running group/trainer who will be giving me a plan to follow each week with different types of runs and exercises.  The main focus for me is to improve my time.  I want to improve my 5k by at least 7 minutes.  I don’t know how doable that is, but I know I am going to try.  I start this weekend with my new plan.  I am excited to see how I do!  Also, I have found the running community to be so helpful and giving of their advice and help.

No matter how accomplished one is at running I love that if you run, they treat you as a fellow runner.  I see one guy on the trail I run, and he is fast and poised like a thoroughbred horse running… hilarious, I know, but that is how I see some of these runners!  He gave me a nod the other day.  ME, the fellow runner.. I laughed the next day how this made me feel so good. I was being accepted by a “real” runner.  But, he see’s me out there time and time again.  That is what I like about running. People who run understand it’s not JUST running.  It’s a way of life, its something you don’t understand until you do it.  I love that.